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16 feet x 8 feet x 10 feet

I prepared a social experiment only possible at Burning Man, but it was postponed due to Covid-19. The piece will be a two part cage where one door can open at a time; only when one door locks will the other open. This will test what happens when one person is locked in a cage, knowing that the only way to free oneself is to trap another. Will the promise of a light show lure a person into a prison? How do people react when they perceive their freedom to be at risk? What does self-expression look like under radical  constraints? What does giving look like if it requires sacrifice? We are trapped on this planet and must learn to help each other. 

Deep Tea



8 feet x 6 feet x 10 feet

This moving art installation provided sanctuary and warmth for those who go deep. A pixel-mapped tea kettle appeared in the desert each night, ready for those who wander their minds. Frozen seekers of art and connection found moments of heart, tea, and camaraderie.


A car wreck on the way to Black Rock City almost ruined the project, partially crushing the kettle, and breaking the front of the bike. We rode on with just the back wheel, creating an absurd spectacle!

Animalist Iterations


By exploring the animal sides of ourselves we can connect better with this Earth. A sketch became a digital painting, a laser cut stencil, a mural, and finally a welded steel sculpture. I’ve pursued similar experiments with other animals.


Oil Paint

30 inches x 46 inches

Wolf and woman united. She becomes the animal to transcend it. She accepts her fear, violence, instinct, and raw passions, and transforms them into awareness.



Oil paint

42 inches x 36 inches

Creation and perception are one and the same. Knowing one’s power requires recognizing one’s responsibility and duty to life and beauty. We are all beholden to each other and to this Earth.



Oil paint

28 inches x 36 inches


The hands are held in a position of prayer, demonstrating how true prayer is active. By washing hands, wearing masks, and taking care of ourselves and each other we are doing great work. This too shall pass

Infinity Pod


5 feet x 5 feet x 10 feet

In a phone booth sized installation, a dodecagon of mirrored panels surrounds the participant. Between the vertices are dancing lights. Seeing oneself reflected into infinity is as enthralling as the light show.

This experience gives the participant three choices: You can stare at the lights, you can look at yourself a thousand different ways, or you can stare past both and seek the emptiness.

2400 faces, infinitely reflected.

The Pod took photos of all consenting participants, below are 120.

Looking Glass Series

Broken mirrors, light, self-reflection and environmental themes.

I began this series because mirrors were breaking all around me. Through the life of the infinity pod, the mirrors slowly became more cracked and broken. Hundreds of people coming through the psychedelic portal could not help but bump into the sides. This and traumas in my life at the time made me consider, what do we do when things break?

Burning Forest Installation

At Radiant Space, LA CA


This solo show was an opportunity to showcase the Burning Light sculptures in an immersive installation. I lined the gallery with giant mirrors, mylar, and colorful “tree-spirit” resin pieces. I wanted participants to see themselves reflected in the burnt forest and consider their responsibility. 

Burning Light Sculptures

These wood sculptures are wrought with wood from California forest fires, carved, then filled with recycled glass shards and LEDs. By bringing light to the wood it is reborn with the hope that every eye witnessing will add to the cause of environmentalism. 

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